Terms of Service


These terms of service were updated 22 December 2017

Shock Therapy® appreciates your visit to our web site. If you are not at least 13 years of age, please leave this web site and do not return until you turn 13.

We know you do not usually read these kinds of things but we are asking you to read this so you will understand what we will be doing. We have tried to keep this short and clear.

Once you have read these Terms of Service, please read our Privacy Policy and our Cookie Policy. All three of these are just parts of a single document that we break up for your convenience.

When you visit any web site you experience an interactive digital process the site owner has created which requests information, monitors your web presence, and shares your information, in order to serve you, gather data and market products and services.

If you visit our web site you will be subject to the digital processes we have incorporated into our site.  Our Terms of Service will tell you the rules of our site, what we do and what you can expect. There are other terms specified in our Privacy Policy and our Cookie Policy. If you access our site or use our services you are accepting our Terms of Service.  If anything you read is not clear to you, please contact us and we will try to clear it up.  

If you do not want to accept our Terms of Service or related provisions, please leave the site and do not access it again or use our services. If you remain on our site you are agreeing to these Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy and release Shock Therapy® and its owners, employees, agents, contractors and affiliates from any claims, suits, objections or damages of any kind, in any place or at any time even if technology changes. You are agreeing to use the site and our services “as is” and Shock Therapy® makes no promises or warranties about how they perform or what the consequences of use might be.

Your Account
To use our services you must create an account which includes the information we request. You must make sure the information you provide is accurate, complete and up-to-date, or none of this works and we may not be able to contact you in case we need to protect you or your information.  You must also make sure you safeguard access to your account or we will not be able to protect you or your information. You must be at least 13 years old to use this site and, if you are at least 13 but not yet 18, you may only use the site with a parent or guardian.

Your Information
When you provide us with information you still own it but you give us permission to use that information in certain ways, and that permission is called a “license”. You are giving Shock Therapy® a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free, sublicensable, transferable license to use, host, store, reproduce, modify, create derivative works of (like translations, adaptations or modifications), communicate, publish, publicly display, publicly perform and distribute your information to improve, promote and protect the site and Shock Therapy’s® services.  This extends to your web site which we may use in any form, worldwide, forever and free of charge in any way, method or version we choose. This includes social media site and addresses. If you want to opt out of the license to use your sites, it is your responsibility to contact us and take the steps necessary to confirm your opt out.

Shock Therapy’s® Responsibilities
Shock Therapy® will make commercially reasonable efforts to support its site and services and to perform as set forth here. Shock Therapy® has no liability whatsoever for any negative or damaging effects of using its site or services if there is any aspect of fault from you or any third party that contributes in any way to the negative or damaging outcome. Shock Therapy’s® total liability to you will be limited to the monies you have paid it during the 90 days prior to the act or omission complained of.

Your Responsibilities
You know your information.  We do not.  You know if you have permission to use it. We do not. Therefore, it is your responsibility to make sure any information you give us, or that is on any of your sites including social media, is accurate and that you are using it with permission. Everything on the web can be see by everyone else on the web so this is very, very important. By using Shock Therapy’s® site and services you represent that all of your information is accurate, is owned by you, or that you are using it with permission. Since some of the digital interaction between us is automatic and not being reviewed for content, you also represent that all of your information is appropriate for public viewing.

By using our site and services you agree to follow all laws of every jurisdiction regarding your information, and to comply with all of our rules as well.  You acknowledge that your information, your sites and any of your end-users are strictly within your control and that you are responsible for all of that information and content. You agree it is your responsibility to use good judgment in what you maintain on your site and what you share. You further agree that, if anything you do, or anything you fail to do that you should have done, and Shock Therapy® suffers any kind of damage whatsoever including, but not limited to, being sued, you will indemnify, which means pay us back, for anything we have to spend in dealing with that damage including judgments, attorney’s fees or costs.

You agree that everything on Shock Therapy’s® site is owned by Shock Therapy® and that you cannot use any of it without our written permission. However, we can use your feedback to our site without cost or limitation.

You understand you must review our site to confirm whether the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy or Cookie Policy have been changed or supplemented. On any day in the future you are responsible for the version of those policies that is posted on our site.

You agree without limitation that, if you have any dispute with anything Shock Therapy® ever does, or you believe fails to do, the only way you can try to get compensation or make a claim is through arbitration through JAMS Endispute, or similar service, in the City and County of New York in the State of New York.  You must file any claim with the arbitrator within 12 months of the act or omission by Shock Therapy® that you complain about. Any arbitration decision will be subject to confirmation and judgment in the Supreme Court, New York County. You expressly agree you will not start or be a part of any class action against Shock Therapy®.

General Provisions
You agree that these Terms of Service, along with the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy are your total agreement with Shock Therapy® and that you cannot claim to have made any other agreements, or changes to the then-current version of these agreements, except in writing signed by an owner or officer of Shock Therapy®. Every aspect of our relationship or any claims by you are controlled by the laws of the State of New York. If an arbitrator or court decides a term of any of these three parts of our agreement is invalid, the rest of the agreement remains in force. You are responsible to know of any changes to these three parts of our agreement as posted on our site and Shock Therapy® can change them any time we want. Shock Therapy is not responsible for any aspect of the world wide web that is beyond our control, or any aspect of the source code or templates on which the site was built.