General Terms & Conditions

  • Instructors and classes are subject to change without notice. Please visit the Shock Therapy Fitness class schedule for updates.

  • Classes are 30 minutes and require 15 minutes for set up.

  • Classes begin exactly on time. Participants must arrive 15-minutes prior to class start.

  • Late entrants will not be admitted to class. Late arrivals and no-shows will be treated as cancellations; your missed class will not be credited to your account.

  • All classes must be prepaid.

  • Shock Therapy Fitness accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express or cash.

  • All sales are final. Classes are non-refundable, but they are transferable. Please see our Cancellation Policy for more information.

  • Shock Therapy Fitness undergarments are mandatory to participate in class. If you forget to bring your purchased pair, you may rent undergarments at the front desk.


  • All Shock Therapy Fitness classes require our proprietary EMS PowerSuit™ and signature undergarments.

  • The PowerSuit™ is included with the price of your class or series. Y

  • ou may rent or purchase your undergarments directly from Shock Therapy Fitness.

  • We’ll supply you with free undergarments for your first class (offer exclusive to SHOCK THERAPY FITNESS clients only).

  • Shock Therapy Fitness clients must purchase or rent our organic viscose-elastane blend t-shirt and leggings, worn beneath the PowerSuit.™  

  • If you do not purchase undergarments, the $5 rental is a required additional charge. Remember to bring your purchased undergarments to class! Otherwise you’ll need to rent a pair at the front desk.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel a class reservation and have it credited to your Shock Therapy Fitness account, you must cancel your reservation online at, via the MindBody app, or by phone 12-hours prior to the class you are scheduled to attend. Once your reservation is cancelled, the class will be credited to your account to be used at a future date; the class amount is not refunded. If you have not cancelled 12-hours prior to your scheduled class will not be credited to your Shock Therapy series.  

You can cancel your reservation in the following ways:

  1. Log into your account at Find your reserved class and click “Cancel.”

  2. If you are cancelling your reservation using the MindBody app, click “Schedule” on the lower toolbar. In the “Upcoming” section, press the class that you wish to cancel. Hit “Cancel”.

  3. Call the studio to cancel the class for you.

Due to the nature and format of our classes, you must be present 15-minutes before class begins to allow for proper EMS suit fit and electrical impulse adjustments. Anyone arriving late to set-up will not be permitted to attend class; you will be considered a “cancellation” and the above rules will apply. (If you arrive more than 5-minutes late to set up, we will be unable to perform the proper EMS suit fit and set-up, and you will not be admitted into class as it is disruptive to those who have already begun their session.)


If a class you’d like to take is full, we highly recommend putting yourself on the waitlist. To do so, you must purchase a Shock Therapy Fitness class or series. If you do not get a spot in the class, your account will be credited! If a spot opens, you will be added to the class and receive an email confirmation. Only cancellations made 12-hours prior to your scheduled class will be honored. If you're added to a class from the waitlist at the last minute, be aware that our same cancellation policy will apply. The waitlist closes 12 hours prior of class. If you no longer want a spot in the class, you need to remove yourself from the waitlist 12 hours before the class. If you are added to the class and fail to remove yourself in time, you will lose the class credit. 

To check your waitlist status via the MindBody app, log in and click “Schedule” on the lower toolbar. If you have not been added to class, your status will show “Waitlist Unconfirmed.” If you do not want to attend this class, be sure to remove yourself, or notify Shock Therapy Fitness, and we’ll remove you!