Our Story


Our mission at Shock Therapy Fitness extends beyond physical fitness - our 30-minute Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) classes are a new, safe, and effective way to improve your overall wellbeing. We leverage custom technology and cutting-edge science to bring people of all ages and fitness levels a mood-boosting, fat-burning, muscle-toning experience.

We believe that when it comes to innovation, nothing is more powerful than saying YES. We believe true innovation happens when we address human needs in new and novel ways or evolve old ones. Shock Therapy Fitness takes an innovative, technology-fueled approach to wellness. We believe EMS training is the future.

Shock Therapy Fitness was founded by Esra Cavusoglu PhD in February of 2018. An internationally respected psychologist and addiction counselor from Istanbul, Turkey, she built a drug and alcohol treatment center for youth in conjunction with professors from Yale University and John Hopkins. As part of her commitment to the field of addiction, she has presented at several UN conferences around the world. Esra was a long-time fitness enthusiast and discovered EMS in Europe. As an avid researcher, the science of EMS impressed her as the results she experienced personally were unlike any other workout. She noticed that nothing like it existed in the U.S. and as a result, was the very first to bring small group, EMS training to North America.


Shock Therapy Fitness works collaboratively with GluckerKolleg to ensure superior quality EMS training. Since 1997, GluckerKolleg has been training licensed and master EMS trainers, certified personal fitness trainers, instructors/teachers, mental fitness trainers, and nutritional consultants worldwide. For more information see www.gluckerkolleg.de