Our Story


Our mission is to make whole-body transformation possible. Shock Therapy Fitness brings dynamic Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to the United States—starting with New York City. EMS effectively condenses three hours of conventional strength training or cardiovascular exercise into simple 30-minute workouts. 

Our classes are limited to six people, allowing for personalized attention. Shock Therapy Fitness trainers individually adjust the intensity of your electrical impulses and provide guidance on posture and constant encouragement.

Set in a futuristic space with killer music, participants mirror controlled fitness moves demonstrated by an avatar on a large-scale computer screen. Meanwhile, our EMS PowerSuit sends electrical impulses, causing 300 critical muscle groups to contract and release simultaneously.

Our Strength program tones your entire body, while our Metabolism program provides killer calorie burn and speeds up your metabolism. Every session triggers the release of mood-boosting hormones and endorphins, so you’ll leave feeling energized and euphoric. The post-workout high is often compared to feeling “superhuman”—and that sensation lingers for hours after you peel off your power suit.

Shock Therapy Fitness is grounded in a safety-first philosophy. EMS is a time-honored technique popular in gyms throughout Europe and common to advanced sports rehabilitation. Participants perform low-impact movements, like squats and standing crunches, so Shock Therapy workouts never impose pressure or stress on joints or sensitive areas like the lower back.

Shock Therapy will revolutionize your relationship with fitness. Experience total transformation.



Esra Cavusoglu, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of Shock Therapy, is an internationally respected psychologist and addiction counselor. Born to an influential family in Turkey with presence in politics, banking, media and philanthropy, Esra grew up determined to contribute to society in a positive way. She has transitioned careers many times—from the restaurant industry to psychology/addiction counseling to fitness. Whatever her focus, her work is a testament to her immense passion, innovative insight and relentless pursuit of her vision. 


An entrepreneur at heart, at age 29, Esra opened the first of three restaurant-lounges in Istanbul, garnering popularity for her modern design aesthetic and live DJ dining concept. Years later, addiction to drugs and alcohol led her to reform her lifestyle. She entered rehab in the U.S., and her recovery inspired her to pursue her Bachelor’s degree in behavioral health and her Masters degree in addiction counseling. Esra eventually earned her PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Miami. 

Acting as a bridge between Turkey and the U.S., Esra designed a program to reduce addiction and homelessness among youth in Turkey. Collaborating with professors from John Hopkins University, Yale University, the University of Georgia, and other institutions, they devised a treatment model that proved hugely successful. Esra additionally had the honor of presenting her project to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in Vienna, Austria, as well as to the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York. Esra currently serves as an advisory board member for the Yale Program on Supervision, part of the Yale School of Medicine’s Department of Psychiatry. 

Esra eventually turned her focus to fitness, experimenting with multiple modalities.
Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS), popular throughout Europe, transformed Esra’s body, and it required the least time commitment to achieve a toned and lean physique. Esra seized the opportunity to bring EMS to the U.S., starting with New York City. Shock Therapy is her vision to help New Yorkers sculpt the body of their dreams. Esra intends to integrate her passion for psychology and addiction counseling into Shock Therapy by donating a small portion of proceeds from every class to an addiction treatment program in New York City.