We offer three results-oriented classes: Metabolism, Strength and Challenge. Each class is limited to six people, allowing for personalized attention from a certified trainer. We require that all clients arrive at least 15 minutes prior to class for Power Suit set-up. We offer no grace period for late arrivals.

First-time EMS clients, we highly recommend you start with our Strength class to get a feel for the Power Suit and structure of a typical class. For more info, check out our “Get Shocked: First-Time Guide.” 

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Get Shocked.  




Strength is a full-body toning experience that condenses three hours of traditional strength training into a 30-minute workout. You’ll mirror the muscle-sculpting moves of an avatar on a large-scale computer screen. While you perform squats, lunges, side crunches and more, continuous electrical impulses will cause your muscles to contract and release. Our low-impact movements never put stress or strain on joints or sensitive areas like the lower back. With a consistent Shock Therapy Strength practice, you’ll tone arms, lean legs, chisel abs and tighten the whole body.Sculpt the body of your dreams.




You’ll move you through 30 minutes of heart-pounding cardio in Shock Therapy’s signature Metabolism class. We combine high intensity interval training (HIIT) with electrical impulses that activate 90% of the body’s muscles at once. During two brief recovery breaks, a Shock Therapy trainer will individually raise the intensity of your “shock” strength. This fun and sweaty class will boost oxygen and blood circulation, delivering killer calorie burn and speeding up your metabolism! 
Get fit.




Unleash your inner athlete in Shock Therapy’s intense Challenge class. After completing at least 8 Shock Therapy classes, you’re eligible to participate in this endorphin-pumping journey of muscle toning and cardio blasting. Over 30 high-intensity minutes, we’ll challenge you to push beyond your edge. You’ll perform Suspension Training bodyweight exercises and polymetrics (jump training) with landmines, kettlebells and medicine balls—all while you receive continuous electrical impulses to your whole body. Conquer your limits. Reach your highest potential.



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If you are under 18 years of age, or above 70 years old, or if you haven’t performed routine exercise within one year, please call or email us for a free consultation. Private sessions will be arranged upon studio availability and email request to

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