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 Whether you’re interested in strength training, calorie-burning or conditioning, our 30-minute Strength and Metabolism workouts have profound transformational potential. All programs are limited to six people, allowing for personalized attention.



Want to feel sore?

Strength is a full-body toning experience that condenses 3 hours of traditional strength training into a 30-minute workout. You’ll mirror the muscle-sculpting moves of an avatar on a projected screen while a trainer directs and corrects body form. You will perform squats, lunges, side crunches and more, while continuous electrical impulses cause your muscles to contract and release. Our low-impact movements never put stress or strain on joints or sensitive areas like the lower back.

This workout is perfect for those who sit at a desk for most of the day and are looking to build spine and core strength, as well as those looking to take their overall strength and conditioning to the next level. Based on your fitness goals, Strength sessions should be taken 1-2 times per week. If you are new to Shock Therapy Fitness, we recommend that you begin with a Strength session.



Want to sweat?

You’ll move you through 30 minutes of heart-pounding cardio in our signature Metabolism class. We combine high intensity interval training (HIIT) with electrical impulses that activate 90% of the body’s muscles at once. During two brief recovery breaks, a trainer will individually raise the intensity of the stimulation. Studies have shown that combined with EMS, HIIT training is 20% more effective than HIIT training alone. This fun and sweaty class boosts oxygen and blood circulation, delivering a killer calorie burn!

Based on your fitness goals, Metabolism sessions can be taken up to 2 times a week. For the best overall results, we recommend 1 Metabolism session combined with 1 Strength session each week.


Here's what you need to know.



New to Shock Therapy Fitness? We recommend all new clients begin with a Strength Session to get familiar with our Powersuit,™ moves, and the sensation of EMS. Interested in buying multiples sessions? Save with our session packages.

Remember, Shock Therapy Fitness sessions are limited to 6 people per session so be sure to book ahead of time!



Every workout requires sneakers and Shock Therapy Fitness's proprietary undergarments. Our undergarments are designed to provide optimal transmission of electrical impulses to your body throughout the session. Please note that we wet the Powersuit’s electrodes with water to transmit the stimulation to your muscles. For your first session, undergarment rental is complimentary. For every session after your first class, undergarments are available for purchase ($50) or rental ($5).*

Note: We require all clients to arrive 15 minutes early to secure a spot and get fitted properly into the Powersuit.™We do not offer a grace period. We offer a one-time courtesy for new Shock Therapy Fitness clients who arrive late, Only clients who book directly through Shock Therapy Fitness, vs. a 3rd party booking platform, are eligible for complimentary first-time undergarments.



We have both men and women’s changing rooms with lockers to store your belongings. Once you have stored your gear and have suited-up, your trainer will guide you into the studio and set you up with your wireless computer pack. Get ready for your session to begin!

Note: You must wait until the session ends to remove the Powersuit. If you require a bathroom break during your session, you will be disconnected from the system and voluntarily forfeit your session (it is not possible to reconnect you to the system).



Because 90% of your muscle fibers are activated during a Shock Therapy Fitness workout, your body requires at least 48 hours to recuperate. You may prefer to wait up to 72 hours between Strength sessions.

Private sessions can be arranged upon studio availability. Email requests to If you’re already experienced with EMS, reach out! We can help you pick the best session series for you.


Packages can be used at all Shock Therapy Fitness locations.


New To Shock Therapy Fitness?
Enjoy your first session at a discounted rate and experience our unique workout & studio

Expires 30 days after purchase



Expires 30 days after purchase


PLUS: 1 guest (rental fee applies)

Expires 30 days after purchase


PLUS: 1 guest pass (rental fee applies - guest needs to be NEW client)

PLUS: 1 in-body measurement ($40)

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PLUS: 2 guest passes (rental fee applies - guests need to be NEW clients)

PLUS: 2 in-body measurement ($80 value)

Expires 90 days after purchase




4 Sessions per Month
1 FREE InBody measurement session
1 FREE guest pass per month
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8 Sessions per Month
2 FREE InBody measurement sessions
2 FREE guest passes per month


Looking for something fun to do with your colleagues, friends, family or sweat-mates? Studio buyouts are available! Private training sessions can also be arranged upon studio availability. For more information, email

If you are under 18 years of age, above 70 years old, or if you haven’t performed routine exercise within one year, please call or email us and we can arrange a private consultation.

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