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Train like an athlete in Shock Therapy’s New Signature INTENSITY class.
The future of the fitness industry is already here.

What is Intensity?

 INTENSITY is way more than a workout. It’s a new training philosophy which empowers you to go further than you’ve ever imagined, celebrate your accomplishments and emerge stronger and fitter. All the joy, fun and inspiration every step of your journey to a better, faster, stronger you.


How does Intensity Work?

Designed as a special form of circuit training, INTENSITY is a masterful combination of strength training and aerobics. The idea behind it is both simple and fascinating. Brief bouts of cardiovascular exercise, such as running or cycling, alternate with functional resistance exercises, such as kettlebells, bands, or medicine balls.

And the secret to why it’s so efficient? Our training outfit sends controlled, low-frequency electrical impulses to your body, activating over 300 muscle groups and doing all the heavy lifting for you!


Innovative technique

As a fast-paced class, INTENSITY challenges you with a quick, action-packed workout. 40 seconds of training and a brief pause before you move on to the next exercise – it’s tough and effective.


Dedicated workout stations

Sweat it all out on our workout stations: TRX, Plyometrics, kettlebells and medicine ball. Go beyond your limits, boost your strength and burn your calories in one intense, breathtaking class.


Ultimate speed factor

Quick pace and constantly changing nature of circuit training put your body under unique stress. With INTENSITY, full-body transformation is palpable, inspiring you with real, fast results.


Circuit training at its best

Circuit EMS training strengthens all of your body muscles in a balanced manner. It activates all muscle groups that traditional workouts fail to reach. Proven workout routines, amplified by our EMS PowersuitTM, make a one-of-a-kind training technique.


What INTENSITY does for you

With INTENSITY, we’re putting your personal fitness goals in the spotlight. Hardcore workout buffs and fitness enthusiasts, here are all the amazing benefits of challenging yourself with EMS circuit training.


The lens on muscle toning

INTENSITY targets specific large muscle groups while safely activating your nervous system to make your muscles contract at a faster rate. If you’re looking to build that lean and strong physique, try INTENSITY session to make every minute count.


Effective fast-paced environment

Assisted by Shock Therapy Fitness EMS technology, you can maintain high frequencies throughout your circuit training. Unlike with regular training programs, you can do so much more in less time.


Bypass workout fatigue

INTENSITY incorporates the best of science and training to boost the quality and quantity of your workout. Mental and physical fatigue no longer defines your training experience as usually happens with traditional exercise. With absolute muscle activation, you do more work in less time – and get results fast.


Balance and vigor in every move

The EMS circuit training makes every ounce of your body contract equally and evenly, so you are developing a balanced and functionally strong body. It’s a refreshingly effective, inspiring and joyful experience that leaves you wanting more at the end of your session.


Ready to intensify your routine?

The most effective training experience you won’t find elsewhere, in one intense, endorphin-pumping class.
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