Get Shocked: First-Time Guide

Here’s what you need to know to


Introduce yourself

Want a thorough introduction to Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) and Shock Therapy?
Sign up for our 40-minute Intro Class for the reduced class rate of $30.
We’ll take the first 10 minutes to explain the benefits of EMS and how it works. We’ll also share Shock Therapy’s unique approach to group EMS fitness grounded in a “safety first” philosophy. Questions? Speak up! We’re committed to making sure you feel comfortable.

Over the next half hour, you’ll get acquainted with the EMS power suit. We’ll ease you into experiencing continuous electrical impulses by body region. Then a Shock Therapy trainer will coach you while an avatar on our large-scale computer screen leads you through basic fitness moves from our Strength and Metabolism classes. The Introductory Class offers a taste of both signature Shock Therapy workouts.
You’ll leave feeling informed, energized and stronger.

Already experienced with EMS? Reach out to Shock Therapy,
We’ll recommend the best series for you.


Claim your spot

Shock Therapy classes are limited to six people, so reservations are critical. Sign up for class at or through your MindBody app.
Please review our Cancellation Policy


Arrive early

For every Shock Therapy class, you must arrive to our studio at least 15 minutes prior to class start—no exceptions. Due to power-suit fitting and individual impulse setting, late entrants will not be admitted to class. For your personal safety, Shock Therapy offers no grace period. We require a full 15-minute set-up. For new Shock Therapy clients who arrive late, we offer a one-time courtesy class reschedule. 


Come prepared

Every class requires sneakers and Shock Therapy’s signature undergarments. For your first workout, we’ll supply you with a free rental of our organic viscose-elastane blend undergarments (Offer exclusive to SHOCK THERAPY FITNESS clients only). The proprietary design allows for optimal transmission of electrical impulses. After your first class, Shock Therapy clients purchase their first layer ($35)
and bring it to class every time, or rent one for a small fee ($5). Please note that we wet the power suit’s electrodes with water to enhance EMS vibrations, so your undergarments will get damp. On your second visit,
if you arrive sporting your purchased Shock Therapy undergarments—stylish, black leggings and shirt—make sure you pack a change of clothes for after class! 


Stow your stuff

Leave your belongings in one of our lockers. We’ve got a lock for you, too. Please use the restroom before class starts. Once class begins, you must wait until the class ends to remove the power suit. If you require a bathroom break during your 30-minute class, you will be disconnected from the system, and it is not possible to reconnect you. 

Show up to class wearing your sneakers and Shock Therapy undergarments. Please arrive empty handed! That means store your cell phone with your valuables. Our electrical impulses operate on a wireless system; no signal interference allowed. Disconnect to connect!  


Have fun!

Shock Therapy can seriously transform your body. It’s also a fun and invigorating process. Our Shock Therapy trainers, who we playfully refer to as Shock Therapists, infuse enthusiasm and humor into workouts. Can you smile while doing
lunges—and getting shocked? 


Schedule your next visit.

Book your next Shock Therapy class! Choose between our Strength or Metabolism class. Visit Class Descriptions & Pricing for more information. Please note that because 90% of your muscle fibers are activated during a Shock Therapy workout, your body requires at least 48 hours to recuperate. You may prefer to wait 72 hours between Strength classes. We recommend taking two to three Shock Therapy classes per week. 


Don’t hesitate to reach out

If you are under 18 years of age, or above 70 years old, or if you haven’t performed routine exercise within one year, please call or email us for a free consultation. Private sessions will be arranged upon studio availability and email request to
If you’re already experienced with EMS, reach out! Let’s discuss
the best class series for you.