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The future of fitness is here. Discover what it means to feel “superhuman” through
Shock Therapy’s Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS). Supercharge your workout. 


Training Time Travel

What are you waiting for? Accelerate your fitness results
with Shock Therapy. Thanks to our exclusive power suit, Shock Therapy sessions effectively condense three hours of traditional strength training or cardiovascular exercise into half-hour workouts. Fast-track your results.



Our Story

the body of your dreams

Our mission is to make whole-body transformation possible. Shock Therapy brings dynamic Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to the United States—starting with New York City. EMS effectively condenses three hours of conventional strength training or cardiovascular exercise into simple 30-minute workouts. Shock Therapy will revolutionize your relationship with fitness. Our classes are limited to six people, allowing for personalized attention. Shock Therapy trainers individually adjust the intensity of your electrical impulses and provide guidance
on posture and constant encouragement. 


Power Suit


Whole-Body Revolution

At Shock Therapy, you will be introduced to the power suit. Allow the power suit to do the hard work for you,
activating 300 critical muscle groups simultaneously, while you perform simple, controlled movements. Suit up.





Shock Therapy’s benefits extend beyond physical transformation. Shock Therapy workouts trigger the release of mood-boosting hormones and endorphins that
induce feelings of euphoria. 

Feel better,faster,stronger. I do. #getshocked

Esra Çavuşoğlu / Founder


OUR Classes


Three Class Options

Shock Therapy offers three types of workouts: Strength, Metabolism and Challenge. Whether you’re interested in strength-training, calorie-burn or elite athlete conditioning, Shock Therapy’s signature, 30-minute workouts have profound transformational potential. All programs are limited to six people, allowing for personalized attention. Pick your program.





Space-Age SpacE

Shock Therapy’s artistic studio was built with the fast-paced New Yorker in mind. The open design allows mind and body to breathe and relax, with more space for fewer people. Constructed from sustainably sourced materials whenever possible, every detail has been carefully considered.
Get inspired.



Shock Therapy

Studio: 153 East 70th St.
New York, NY 10021 | USA
917 409 0128 - 917 409 0197


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